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Eye Diseases

Clear Vision Begins With Healthy Eyes.

During your eye examination the doctor will thoroughly evaluate the health of your eyes. Vision loss due to eye disease is usually permanent therefore early detection is critical. Treating eye diseases in the early stages can often prevent vision loss. Your eyes should be checked for the following eye diseases every year. Our practice services patients in Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ) communities.


A cataract is a clouding of the internal lens of the eye. Cataracts are usually caused by the natural aging process. As the lens continues to cloud, vision will become blurred and colors will appear less vibrant.
Your eyes will be carefully evaluated for cataracts during your eye examination.  Our doctors work with some of the finest cataract surgeons in the area to assure that you receive the best treatment and outcome.


Glaucoma is characterized by damage to the optic nerve, which is usually caused by elevated eye pressure.  If left untreated glaucoma can lead to vision loss and eventual blindness.  Early detection of glaucoma is critical to prevent vision loss.  Treatment is aimed at reducing eye pressure with the use of drops.
The doctors at Blackstone Valley Eye Care are experienced and skilled at the early detection and treatment of glaucoma.  We also have advanced diagnostic equipment to aid in the management of glaucoma.

Diabetes and the Eye

When diabetes is not adequately controlled it can cause problems in the eye such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy is when blood and fluids leak out of the blood vessels into the retina.  If the leaking becomes extensive, vision will deteriorate. As the condition worsens fragile new blood vessels can grow into the retina.
During your eye examination the retina and blood vessels will be thoroughly examined for any abnormalities.  We work closely with your primary care physician or endocrinologist to keep your diabetes under control.

Macular Degeneration

The macula is the part of the retina that is responsible for our sharp, central vision.  Macular degeneration is when the cells of the macula slowly deteriorate over time.
We are continually educating ourselves on the latest treatment options for macular degeneration and work closely with retina specialists to provide you with the best care.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eye is a condition of the eye surface, where either not enough tears are being produced or the tears are of poor quality.  Dry eye is a common and often chronic condition that usually worsens with age.
Fortunately there are many treatments that can help soothe the symptoms of dry eye.  Our doctors will customize a treatment plan for your specific case and help you manage this chronic but treatable condition.