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Children's Eye Exams

Our Eye Doctors Are Experienced And Enjoy Working With Children. 

An undetected vision problem can prevent children from reaching their full potential.  The American Optometric Association recommends that every child receive a comprehensive eye exam from a children's eye doctor prior to starting school and at least every 2 years thereafter. 

Your Child's Eye Exam Will Include:

  • Personal attention
  • Numbers or pictures can be used to test vision rather than letters
  • Special techniques are used to determine an accurate vision prescription, even if the child is unable to respond properly
  • Evaluation for all eye diseases
  • Pupil dilation to allow for a thorough retinal examination

At the conclusion of the exam your child's optometrist will review and discuss all of the findings, along with personalized recommendations that best address your concerns and your child's needs.

Blackstone Valley Eye Care services Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ).

You guys are all amazing at Blackstone Valley Eye Care. I'm honestly glad I've had wonderful care from all of you since I was a little girl :) - Jessica A.